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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


New fold library entries added 2014 Nov 29

Fold library idPDB HeaderMoleculeTitle
c4q5vA_ transferase/dna/rna Chain: A: dna polymerase alpha catalytic subunit; crystal structure of the catalytic core of human dna polymerase alpha2 in ternary complex with an rna-primed dna template and aphidicolin
c3wzlB_ hydrolase Chain: B: zearalenone hydrolase; zen lactonase
c4u16A_ membrane protein/inhibitor Chain: A: muscarinic acetylcholine receptor m3,lysozyme,muscarinic m3-mt4l receptor bound to nms
c4qr1B_ hydrolase Chain: B: crispr-associated endoribonuclease cas2; crystal structure of streptococcus pyogenes cas2 at ph 6.5
c3wt1C_ isomerase Chain: C: protein disulfide-isomerase; crystal structure of the b'-a' domain of thermophilic fungal protein2 disulfide isomerase (reduced form)
c4p9eA_ hydrolase Chain: A: deoxycytidylate deaminase; crystal structure of dcmp deaminase from the cyanophage s-tim5 in apo2 form
c4wjgY_ endocytosis Chain: Y: haptoglobin-hemoglobin receptor; structure of t. brucei haptoglobin-hemoglobin receptor binding to2 human haptoglobin-hemoglobin
c4rn3B_ hydrolase Chain: B: had superfamily hydrolase; crystal structure of a had-superfamily hydrolase, subfamily ia,2 variant 1 (gsu2069) from geobacter sulfurreducens pca at 2.15 a3 resolution
c4w97A_ transcription Chain: A: hth-type transcriptional repressor kstr2; structure of ketosteroid transcriptional regulator kstr2 of2 mycobacterium tuberculosis
c4rp3A_ antitumor protein Chain: A: disks large 1 tumor suppressor protein; crystal structure of the l27 domain of discs large 1 (target id2 nysgrc-010766) from drosophila melanogaster bound to a potassium ion3 (space group p212121)
c4rnsA_ transcription Chain: A: pcp degradation transcriptional activation protein; pcpr inducer binding domain (apo-form)
c2mjgA_ transcription Chain: A: transition state regulatory protein abrb; solution structure of c-terminal abrb
c4cp8C_ hydrolase Chain: C: allophanate hydrolase; structure of the amidase domain of allophanate hydrolase2 from pseudomonas sp strain adp
c4ru0B_ transport protein Chain: B: putative branched-chain amino acid abc transporter, the crystal structure of abc transporter permease from pseudomonas2 fluorescens group
c4p5wA_ transport protein Chain: A: calcium-binding mitochondrial carrier protein aralar2, structure of the n- and c-terminal domain fusion of the human2 mitochondrial aspartate/glutamate carrier citrin in the calcium-bound3 state
c4nqzF_ oxidoreductase Chain: F: enoyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] reductase [nadh] fabi; crystal structure of the pseudomonas aeruginosa enoyl-acyl carrier2 protein reductase (fabi) in apo form
c4wsiB_ peptide binding protein Chain: B: maguk p55 subfamily member 5; crystal structure of pals1/crb complex
c4nkrB_ unknown function Chain: B: molybdopterin-guanine dinucleotide biosynthesis protein b; the crystal structure of bacillus subtilis mobb
c4kuoA_ signaling protein Chain: A: blue-light photoreceptor; a superfast recovering full-length lov protein from the marine2 phototrophic bacterium dinoroseobacter shibae (photoexcited state)
c4phtC_ protein transport Chain: C: general secretory pathway protein e; atpase gspe in complex with the cytoplasmic domain of gspl from the2 vibrio vulnificus type ii secretion system
c4qwwA_ hydrolase/immune system Chain: A: acetylcholinesterase; crystal structure of the fab410-bfache complex
c4cmyN_ metal transport Chain: N: ferritin; chlorobium tepidum ferritin
c4rnlB_ structural genomics, unknown function Chain: B: possible galactose mutarotase; the crystal structure of a possible galactose mutarotase from2 streptomyces platensis subsp. rosaceus
c4phtY_ protein transport Chain: Y: type ii secretion system protein l; atpase gspe in complex with the cytoplasmic domain of gspl from the2 vibrio vulnificus type ii secretion system
c4nknF_ protein binding Chain: F: comm domain-containing protein 9; the crystal structure of the n-terminal domain of commd9
c4ce0A_ transferase Chain: A: o-methyltransferase; crystal structure of sah-bound spinosyn rhamnosyl 4'-o-2 methyltransferase spnh from saccharopolyspora spinosa
c3j8gX_ ribosome Chain: X: gtpase der; electron cryo-microscopy structure of enga bound with the 50s2 ribosomal subunit
c4rqbB_ transferase Chain: B: hypoxanthine phosphoribosyltransferase; crystal structure of a hypoxanthine phosphoribosyltransferase (target2 id nysgrc-029686) from staphylococcus aureus (tetragonal space group)
c4r3qB_ cell cycle Chain: B: synaptonemal complex central element protein 3; crystal structure of syce3
c4wk1A_ signaling protein Chain: A: psta; crystal structure of staphylococcus aureus psta in complex with c-di-2 amp
c2mhcA_ recombination Chain: A: tnpx; nmr structure of the catalytic domain of the large serine resolvase2 tnpx
c2ml9A_ membrane protein Chain: A: yop proteins translocation protein u; solution structure of yscucn in a micellar complex with sds
c4wwhA_ transport protein Chain: A: abc transporter; crystal structure of an abc transporter solute binding protein2 (ipr025997) from mycobacterium smegmatis (msmeg_1704, target efi-3 510967) with bound d-galactose
c4wuiA_ isomerase Chain: A: n-(5'-phosphoribosyl)anthranilate isomerase; crystal structure of trpf from jonesia denitrificans
c4rckB_ membrane protein Chain: B: hypothetical membrane spanning protein; crystal structure of uncharacterized membrane spanning protein from2 vibrio fischeri
c2mt6A_ ligase Chain: A: ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme e2 w; solution structure of the human ubiquitin conjugating enzyme ube2w
c4clqB_ translation Chain: B: ribosome biogenesis protein bms1; structure of rcl1p - bms1p complex
c4cdsA_ transferase Chain: A: tyrosine kinase as - a common ancestor of src and abl; tyrosine kinase as - a common ancestor of src and abl
c4rlvA_ structural protein Chain: A: ankyrin-1, ankyrin-2; crystal structure of ankb 24 ankyrin repeats in complex with ankr2 autoinhibition segment
c4wuvB_ oxidoreductase Chain: B: 2-hydroxycyclohexanecarboxyl-coa dehydrogenase; crystal structure of a putative d-mannonate oxidoreductase from2 haemophilus influenza (avi_5165, target efi-513796) with bound nad
c4cqiA_ structural protein Chain: A: tubulin-binding cofactor a; crystal structure of recombinant tubulin-binding cofactor a2 (tbca) from leishmania major
c4p60B_ transport protein Chain: B: calcium-binding mitochondrial carrier protein aralar1; structure of the n-terminal domain of the human mitochondrial2 aspartate/glutamate carrier aralar in the apo state
c2mpoA_ cell adhesion Chain: A: mic2-associated protein; structural basis of toxoplasma gondii mic2-associated protein2 interaction with mic2
c2mm6A_ hydrolase inhibitor Chain: A: entity; solution structure of alpha amylase inhibitor peptide as1 from2 allatide scholaris
c4revB_ plant protein Chain: B: disease resistance response protein 206; structure of the dirigent protein drr206
c4cjdA_ cell adhesion Chain: A: nada; crystal structure of neisseria meningitidis trimeric2 autotransporter and vaccine antigen nada
c2mm5A_ hydrolase inhibitor Chain: A: entity; solution structure of alpha-amylase inhibitor peptide as4 from2 allatide scholaris
c3j8g6_ ribosome Chain: 6: 50s ribosomal protein l34; electron cryo-microscopy structure of enga bound with the 50s2 ribosomal subunit

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