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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


New fold library entries added 2013 Jun 22

Fold library idPDB HeaderMoleculeTitle
c4ky3A_ de novo protein Chain: A: designed protein or327; three-dimensional structure of the orthorhombic crystal of2 computationally designed insertion domain , northeast structural3 genomics consortium (nesg) target or327
c3zibD_ protein binding Chain: D: rap2a sma2265; rap2a protein (sma2265) from serratia marcescens
c4kh7A_ transferase Chain: A: glutathione s-transferase family protein; crystal structure of a glutathione transferase family member from2 salmonella enterica ty2, target efi-507262, with bound glutathione
c4ka2R_ viral protein/inhibitor Chain: R: m48u12; crystal structure of cd4-mimetic miniprotein m48u12 in complex with2 hiv-1 yu2 gp120
c4jbiB_ oxidoreductase Chain: B: alcohol dehydrogenase (zinc); 2.35a resolution structure of nadph bound thermostable alcohol2 dehydrogenase from pyrobaculum aerophilum
c4bi3B_ toxin Chain: B: ssp1; structure and function of amidase toxin - antitoxin2 combinations associated with the type vi secretion system3 of serratia marcescens.
c4ksaD_ lyase Chain: D: malonyl-coa decarboxylase; crystal structure of malonyl-coa decarboxylase from rhodopseudomonas2 palustris, northeast structural genomics consortium target rpr127
c4l0nG_ transferase Chain: G: serine/threonine-protein kinase 3; crystal structure of stk3 (mst2) sarah domain
c4kngF_ signaling protein, membrane protein Chain: F: e3 ubiquitin-protein ligase rnf43; crystal structure of human lgr5-rspo1-rnf43
c4kk2B_ transferase Chain: B: monoterpene synthase fds-5, chloroplastic - farnesyl crystal structure of a chimeric fpp/gfpp synthase (target efi-502313c)2 from artemisia spiciformis (1-72:gi751454468,73-346:gi75233326), apo3 structure
c4bjsC_ cell cycle Chain: C: telomere length regulator protein rif1; crystal structure of the rif1 c-terminal domain (rif1-ctd)2 from saccharomyces cerevisiae
c4ksaA_ lyase Chain: A: malonyl-coa decarboxylase; crystal structure of malonyl-coa decarboxylase from rhodopseudomonas2 palustris, northeast structural genomics consortium target rpr127
c4i3dB_ fluorescent protein Chain: B: fatty acid binding protein-like; crystal structure of fluorescent protein unag n57a mutant
c4bj5A_ transcription Chain: A: protein rif2; crystal structure of rif2 in complex with the c-terminal2 domain of rap1 (rap1-rct)
c4kf7A_ structural protein Chain: A: nup188; nup188(aa1-1160) from myceliophthora thermophila
c4kf8A_ structural protein Chain: A: nup188; nup188(aa1445-1827) from myceliophthora thermophila
c4jvtA_ lyase Chain: A: enoyl-coa hydratase; crystal structure of tfu_1878, a putative enoyl-coa hydratase2 fromthermobifida fusca yx in complex with coa
c4ivkA_ hydrolase Chain: A: carboxylesterases; crystal structure of a fammily viii carboxylesterase in a complex with2 cephalothin.
c4gfcA_ structural protein Chain: A: spindle assembly abnormal protein 6; n-terminal coiled-coil dimer of c.elegans sas-6, crystal form b
c4bstD_ signaling protein Chain: D: r-spondin-1; structure of the ectodomain of lgr5 in complex with r-spondin-12 (fu1fu2) in p6122 crystal form
c4k3eI_ immune system Chain: I: bovine antibody with ultralong cdr h3, heavy chain; crystal structure of bovine antibody blv5b8 with ultralong cdr h3
c4iw4E_ hydrolase/hydrolase inhibitor Chain: E: mannan-binding lectin serine protease 3; crystal structure of the serine protease domain of masp-3 in complex2 with ecotin
c4gctA_ dna binding protein/dna Chain: A: nucleoid occlusion factor slma; structure of no factor protein-dna complex
c3w6qC_ oxidoreductase Chain: C: tyrosinase; crystal structure of melb apo-protyrosinase from asperugillus oryzae
c4jn3B_ biosynthetic protein Chain: B: cda peptide synthetase i; crystal structures of the first condensation domain of the cda2 synthetase
c4l4xA_ oxidoreductase Chain: A: amphi; an a2-type ketoreductase from a modular polyketide synthase
c4ktoB_ oxidoreductase Chain: B: isovaleryl-coa dehydrogenase; crystal structure of a putative isovaleryl-coa dehydrogenase (psi-2 nysgrc-012251) from sinorhizobium meliloti 1021
c4ggzC_ biotin binding protein Chain: C: bradavidin 2; the structure of bradavidin2-biotin complex
c4kwyB_ transport protein Chain: B: putative uncharacterized protein; crystal structure of a hypothetical protein (cc_3750) from caulobacter2 crescentus cb15 at 2.40 a resolution (psi community target, shapiro)
c4ksnC_ structural genomics, unknown function Chain: C: sdbc; c-terminal domain of sdbc protein from legionella pneumophila.
c4kk7A_ protein transport Chain: A: esx-1 secretion system protein eccb1; structure of eccb1 from the type vii (esx-1) secretion system of2 mycobacterium tuberculosis.
c4issA_ hydrolase Chain: A: allophanate hydrolase; semet-substituted kluyveromyces lactis allophanate hydrolase
c4bstB_ signaling protein Chain: B: leucine-rich repeat-containing g-protein coupled receptor structure of the ectodomain of lgr5 in complex with r-spondin-12 (fu1fu2) in p6122 crystal form
c4jdzA_ cell adhesion Chain: A: ser-asp rich fibrinogen/bone sialoprotein-binding protein structures of sdrd from staphylococcus aureus reveal the molecular2 mechanism of how the cell surface receptors recognize their ligands
c4bsrB_ signaling protein Chain: B: leucine-rich repeat-containing g-protein coupled receptor structure of the ectodomain of lgr5 in complex with r-spondin-12 (fu1fu2) in p22121 crystal form
c4jcjB_ protein binding Chain: B: fusion protein insulin gene enhancer protein isl-1, lim crystal structure of isl1 lim domains with ldb1 lim-interaction domain
c4k7cA_ hydrolase Chain: A: aminopeptidase c; crystal structure of pepw from lactobacillus rhamnosis hn001 (dr20)2 determined as the selenomet derivative
c4kg7A_ hydrolase Chain: A: peptidase s8 and s53, subtilisin, kexin, sedolisin; structure of mycp3 protease from the type vii (esx-3) secretion2 system.
c4gczB_ signaling protein, de novo protein Chain: B: blue-light photoreceptor, sensor protein fixl; structure of a blue-light photoreceptor
c4jndA_ hydrolase Chain: A: ca(2+)/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase phosphatase; structure of a c.elegans sex determining protein
c4jhdF_ structural protein/protein binding Chain: F: protein cordon-bleu; crystal structure of an actin dimer in complex with the actin2 nucleator cordon-bleu
c4ehcA_ hydrolase Chain: A: pe-pgrs family protein; crystal structure of the c-terminal domain of rv0977 of mycobacterium2 tuberculosis
c4iikA_ hydrolase Chain: A: adenosine monophosphate-protein hydrolase sidd; legionella pneumophila effector
c4ksfA_ lyase Chain: A: malonyl-coa decarboxylase; crystal structure of malonyl-coa decarboxylase from agrobacterium2 vitis, northeast structural genomics consortium target rir35
c4hr1A_ unknown function Chain: A: putative uncharacterized protein; structure of pav1-137, a protein from the virus pav1 that infects2 pyrococcus abyssi.
c4k6jA_ cell cycle Chain: A: wings apart-like protein homolog; human cohesin inhibitor wapl
c2lvgA_ membrane protein Chain: A: non-structural protein 4b; nmr structure of hcv non-structural protein ab, ns4b(1-40)
c4ks9B_ lyase Chain: B: malonyl-coa decarboxylase; crystal structure of malonyl-coa decarboxylase (rmet_2797) from2 cupriavidus metallidurans, northeast structural genomics consortium3 target crr76
c3zfiB_ transport protein Chain: B: rap1a protein; rap1a protein (sma2260) from serratia marcescens
c4fmvA_ hydrolase Chain: A: glucuronoarabinoxylan endo-1,4-beta-xylanase; crystal structure analysis of a gh30 endoxylanase from clostridium2 papyrosolvens c71
c4kt1A_ hormone receptor/cell adhesion Chain: A: leucine-rich repeat-containing g-protein coupled receptor complex of r-spondin 1 with lgr4 extracellular domain
c4jioA_ protein binding Chain: A: bro1; bro1 v domain and ubiquitin
c4l0jA_ hydrolase Chain: A: dna helicase i; structure of a translocation signal domain mediating conjugative2 transfer by type iv secretion systems
c4fi1A_ transferase Chain: A: casein kinase ii subunit alpha; crystal structure of scck2 alpha in complex with atp
c3vynB_ transferase Chain: B: probable conserved lipoprotein lpps; crystal structure of mycobacterium tuberculosis l,d-transpeptidase2 ldtmt2 n55 truncation mutant (resideus 55-408)

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