Jobs and PhDs
Division of Molecular Biosciences
Faculty of Natural Sciences

Post Doctoral Opportunities

We sometimes have postdoctoral positions in Structural Bioinformatics. Experience of developing computer programs is essential. Experience of protein structure or of medicinal chemistry is a major advantage. If interested, please make an informal enquiry to bioinformatics@X (please replace @X by when emailing) sending your full CV and the full contact details of three academic referees.

Internship opportunities with Professor Sternberg

Professor Sternberg regrets that there are no opportunities for short term Internship in his laboratory due to shortage of space.

All correspondance should be to bioinformatics@X (please replace @X by when emailing).

It is essential that your email precisely identifies the topic of your enquiry in the "Subject" line. Vague titles not defining the academic field (eg 'Application') may be fltered out by our anti-spam system.

Last Modified 20 December 2007