Over the past few years we have collected information on the preparation and characterisation of HEAVY-ATOM derivatives of protein crystals. This information has been assembled in the form of a DATABANK (called HAD). In addition to the experimental information this databank also contains information resulting from an analysis of the binding of these heavy-atoms with proteins in the crystal environment. In summary, the databank contains the following information:

  • Experimental Conditions for crystallisation
  • Chemical details of the heavy-atom compounds used
  • Bibliographic References
  • Atomic coordinates of heavy-atoms
  • Details of binding sites of heavy-atoms/protein crystal environment
  • Atomic coordinates of heavy-atoms/protein crystal environment
  • This databank will be of interest, not only to protein crystallographers but to anyone interested in the interaction of heavy-atoms with proteins. We would like to thank the many Crystallographers who kindly provided information which was not available in the literature.

    Please send all comments/queries to Suhail A. Islam


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